Christian Schools

School Student, Staff, and Parent Training

Since 2007, Axis Teams have served Christian high schools and junior high schools all over North America and the world! Delivered by a relational Axis team, our presentations are fast paced, media infused, and biblically grounded. We love supporting teachers, administrators, and parents as they disciple their students into lifelong faith in Jesus!

Live Training

These are unlike anything else! Led by a team of millennials who are passionate followers of Jesus, our captivating presentations integrate the truth of God’s word with Christian scholarship and current media. Our teams are incredibly connected with student culture and will interact with your students, teachers, and parents in humble, dynamic, and intentional ways.

Multi-Day Events

Perfect for Spiritual Emphasis Weeks and Student Retreats.

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1-Day Events

Spend a focused day examining God’s word and culture.

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1-Hour Events

Incredible chapels on topics that matter to your students.

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Leader Events

Continuing Education for teachers and parents.

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Conversation Kits

Join the Conversation Incredibly versatile modules for you to guide your teens through the dicey topics of Pornography, Gender, Suicide, Gossip, etc. Conversation Kits are what the name says – if you need to start the conversation still, we can help you start. If it’s well on the way, expert interviews as well as a boost from the millennial Axis team will help you enter a space dominated by broader culture and join the conversation.

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How Can We Serve Your School?

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Nothing beats face-to-face discipleship. Click below to talk to Axis about possible content, scheduling, pricing, and impact.

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Use Conversation Kits

Energize your chapels and school with fresh, relevant, and flexible content with your first Conversation Kit topic.

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