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Come Together

Multi-Generational Family Event


Come Together is a full-day, multi-generational experience that helps families create a legacy of faith for the next generation. Our team will challenge your families to disciple their children and grandchildren with the biblical worldview. Families will love this interactive event that helps them to wrestle with the great questions of life together in a safe environment.

Session Descriptions:

Session 1 | Jesus’ First Word: What was Jesus’ first word? Find out in this session. We will also uncover a theology of the family as we consider how God created a very good world that is now cursed.

Session 2 | Alone Together: How is technology discipling the next generation and their families? Is social media making us more or less human? This session discusses how we, as the image of God, can use the gift of technology with wisdom.

Session 3 | Sex, Beer, College, And Jesus: In regard to sex, beer, and college, have our imaginations been hijacked by culture’s messages? Have we accepted a counterfeit gospel story, instead of God’s best for our lives? This session discusses how we can bring our imaginations back under the obedience of Christ.

Session 4 | How to Read the Bible Like the Devil: Often the full story of the Bible is lost because of our affinity for bite-sized nuggets of Scripture. Instead of asking the question, “What does this text mean to me?” we should be asking, “What does this passage say about God, His character, and the greater story of His coming Kingdom?” In this session, we learn that reading the Bible in context is crucial to our understanding of God’s story for the world.

Session 5 | Skittles For Lunch (or Dinner): During this family meal, families eat and talk with each other — no cell phones allowed! — as well as play games and have fun taking an “Awkward Family Photo” together.

Session 6 | Hope For Families: After looking at all of the things we have failed at, it’s time for some hope! This session looks at how family is still under God’s rule, and all of our shortcomings have been forgiven and washed away by Jesus’ blood. In light of that, how should our families be different? How should our habits change?

Session 7 | Jesus’ Last Words: Finally, we look at how God’s story will end. What will it be like when God finally restores His Kingdom? In light of that, how can families begin to overcome the power of the curse and become agents of hope and restoration to those around them? Families will draft a Vision Statement that works through the Gospel narrative of Creation, Curse, Ransom, and Renewal, as well as an Action Plan with practical, achievable ways of bringing their habits, vision, script, and community back under the dominion of Christ.

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