Parent Trainings

What is a Parent Training?

1. Connecting the Generations

Parents and teachers have incredible influence on the next generation. Our Leader Events help parents and teachers better understand the challenges that are facing their students so that they can disciple them with confidence.

2. Culture Translation

Understanding the constantly changing world your students inhabit is key and we offer accredited training in “culture translation” where our team translates what is happening in the culture of your students and why it is important.

3. Start the Conversation

Use the discussion points to talk with your teen about these difficult topics. Each presentation uses pop culture and media references, Scripture, and testimonials to help you guide a biblical conversation with your teen around gender identity, sexualtiy, technology and so much more!

Session Options

1. Alone Together

We live in a world saturated with technology. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children ages 8 to 18 spend approximately 7 hours and 38 minutes per day with modern technology. Technology itself isn’t bad, but, like everything else, it can be used for evil and destruction. Students need parents and faith leaders to lovingly teach them how to use technology with wisdom. In this session, we will examine the leading technologies that are discipling the next generation. We will see how they have revolutionized the world and o er incredibly practical steps for how to use them with wisdom.

2. Cultivating Lifelong Faith

Axis is committed to helping individuals grow into lifelong faith and relationship with Christ. Our desire and mission is to see students stop renting their faith from their parents and start owning a deep, personal faith for themselves. Many of our own friends left God and the Church when they stepped out from under the Christian “umbrella” and delved into the unsheltered world of college and beyond. We’ll show the intellectual and moral pressures facing the next generation in college. We’ll also o er a practical approach to reaching the next generation through culture translation and family discipleship.

3. Sex, Drugs, College and Jesus

Discipleship is a necessary thing in the life of a young person, but who is really discipling them? In Sex, Drugs, College, and Jesus, we will look at how pop culture, media, and society are subversively influencing younger generations toward unbiblical and destructive views of these topics. We will also discuss what Jesus has to say about each of these controversial topics, as well as how to move discipleship away from the control of media and back to the Church and the family.

Where Are We Going?

November 6th – Gilbert Christian School – Gilbert, AZ

November 6th – South Christian High School – Grand Rapids, MI

November 6th and 7th – Christ Methodist Day School – Memphis, TN

November 9th – Westminster Academy – Memphis, TN

November 12th – Life Church of Ft. Collins – Fort Collins, CO

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